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Condominium Parking Rules

by | May 31, 2019 | Firm News |

Avoid Fines & Getting Towed


Many, if not almost all, condominiums have rules about where the condominium owners (known as “co- owners”) and their guests can park on the condominium premises. In many instances, the co-owners have designated parking spots where they and their guests can park. In a lot of condominiums, the first place a co-owner has to park his or her vehicle is in the garage. Only once the garage is used for parking may the co-owner park his or her vehicle in another designated parking spot. But your garage is packed full of stuff and your vehicle won’t fit in it you say? Too bad. If the rule in your condominium is that you must park your vehicles in the garage, then you need to clean out that garage and put that stuff somewhere else. Only in certain circumstances, such as allowing modification of the rules for persons with disabilities, will you be allowed to use your garage for other than parking your vehicle in your garage as mandated in the condominium documents.

When it comes to where your guests may park, it might be they have to park in one of your designated parking spaces or there might be parking spots specifically dedicated to guest parking. It is important that you check your condominium master deed, bylaws, and rules and regulations for the parking restrictions at you particular condominium as they differ from condominium project to condominium project.

Also, do not assume that you and your guests can park on the roadways in the condominium. Many times the condominium roadways are considered designated fire lanes and no parking is allowed. If you chose to park on the roadway and parking is not allowed, you may get ticketed by the city or township, you might incur fines from the condominium association for violating the condominium documents, and your vehicle might get towed at your expense.

The lesson here is to check your documents to see where you and your guests can and cannot park on the condominium premises. If you are inviting guests to your condo, make sure you tell them where they can and cannot park. The last thing you want is your guest getting a ticket and his or her vehicle towed and you getting a fine because you failed to tell your guest where to park.

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