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Dependable Advocates In Trial

Whether you or the other party initiates litigation, going to court is rarely easy. Civil trial requires thorough review of documents and evidence as well as the development of sophisticated arguments.

Let us lift the burden of litigation from your shoulders. The attorneys at Tilchin & Hall, P.C., have extensive courtroom experience. We understand that trial can be stressful, but we have the knowledge and dedication to reach a fair outcome for you.

Our Goal: To Give You Clarity And Results

Common cases that we litigate include:

Our prior cases range in subject and complexity. Our trial attorneys know how to investigate claims, identify weaknesses and obligations in contracts, argue on your behalf and follow the proper court procedures. Ultimately, we want to leave you in a better place than where we started.

Litigation may seem overwhelming, but our lawyers will work directly with you and listen to your concerns throughout the process. We emphasize our responsiveness and down-to-earth approach.

We Find Solutions, Not More Problems

When litigation is likely the most advantageous option, we will represent you strategically and efficiently. However, there may be cases in which litigation might not be your best option. If so, we will let you know and explain why another method might suit your needs.

Often, we can help clients resolve disputes through negotiation or mediation to give them more control over the outcome – and likely save time and money in the process. Our lawyers are straightforward about the opportunities available to you.

Start Preparing For Your Court Date

As a well-established facet of our Northville community, Tilchin & Hall, P.C., is proud to support individuals, property owners and families throughout Michigan. Call 248-349-6203 or send us an email to schedule a consultation. We can begin collecting and reviewing information for your litigation case today.