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COVID-19 and HOA Dues and Condominium Assessments. What should you do if you can’t pay right now?

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Firm News |

As you know, a ton of people are out of work right now due to COVID-19 and the State of Michigan’s “Stay at Home” order. Many of those people reside in condominiums or subdivisions that require them to pay dues/assessments.

What should you do if you can’t pay right now? The answer to that is be proactive.

If you are out of work and cannot pay your assessments/dues, please contact your association’s management company or if your association does not use a management company, contact your association’s board of directors. Most associations are working with their residents to get them through these crazy times. While they cannot waive payment of the assessments themselves, many are willing to waive late fees and set up payment plans.

What you shouldn’t do? Do not bury your head in the sand or disregard late payment notices.

If you know you are not going to be able to pay, call and talk to someone to avoid a notice being sent. If you receive a notice, immediately call and speak to someone. The worst thing you can do is nothing. If you do nothing, your account may very well end up in our office and once it gets here, associations are much less willing to waive late fees and except in extremely rare instances, they will not waive the legal fees incurred. Being proactive is the best way to handle these matters at all times, not just during a pandemic.

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